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This is the home page of the Hughenden Valley Drainage Improvment Group - HVDIG. The group was set up following the sewage flooding events of 2014 in the village. It evolved from David Liddington's support and suggestion for a meeting between affected homeowners and the relevant authorities to try and resolve the problems.

The aims and objectives of the group are:
  • Establish the causes of the sewer, groundwater and surfacewater flooding in the Hughenden area
  • Identify the range of solutions which could address it
  • Achieve the implementation of the measure or measures which will reduce the risk of future flooding, in terms of incidence and seriousness, to the greatest extent reasonably possible.
  • Ensure responsible groundwater/surfacewater management and planning in the Hughenden area
  • Help where possible to conserve and promote the Hughenden Stream and ensure that any actions from the above objectives are consistent with this

The group considers that the village's flooding issues are well known and are both fully manageable and controllable; this means that we do not face the same issues as other areas where risk of flooding is from high river levels.

Allied with Hughenden Parish Council and the Residents Association, HVDIG seeks to work closely and maintain strong relationships with Council and Agency bodies looking after the road drainage, sewage system and the stream.


Membership and Structure


Membership of the Group is open to residents in the Hughenden Valley area and to those in organisations with an interest in or responsibilities for the Hughenden Valley area. If you are interested in joining the group, please contact Sarah Mustapha. HVDIG's current committee members are: 


 Position Name                 
Contact Tel                        
 Email Address
David White
 01494 565245
Deputy Chairperson
Matt Hopkins
 01494 562131
Secretary Sarah Mustapha
 01494 565260
Treasurer & Webmaster
Paul Woodford
 01494 562913