Remedial Work on Valley Road Blocked Drains Delayed

We are informed that the planned drainage works in Valley Road have been delayed owing to an embargo on work leading up to the Christmas holiday period. This means no works are allowed on major routes or areas around shopping centres from 28th November 2016 through until the 9th January 2017.  
We presently await further advice on when the work will be scheduled for.

Defra Project Meeting

On Tuesday 22nd November an HVDIG meeting was held with Bucks CC to look at possible options for flood prevention work in Hughenden Valley. This follows hydrological modelling of the area by Atkins, a leading consultancy in environmental risk management. At the meeting, Alex Back (Strategic Flood Management Officer at Bucks CC) provided us with a presentation of the results of the modelling together with the basis for an action plan. The work undertaken was a feasibility study funded by Defra and which could qualify for further funding to carry out flood alleviation measures.

The presentation showed areas in the valley which are at risk of flooding and the various things that might be implemented to ease the situation. These included new or altered/enlarged culverts and other measures to protect properties.

There followed a lively debate on the modelling and next steps for this project with concern expressed by HVDIG on its legal position being seen as having responsibility in the implementation of anti-flooding measures.

It was agreed that in order for the modelling to be understood better, Bucks CC and Atkins would meet soon with HVDIG. Meanwhile HVDIG would consider further the proposals contained in the presentation and inwardly discuss.