Valley Road Blocked Drains Update

The blocked drain in Valley Road opposite Herrisson House is no more! Well, we mean that it shouldn’t be blocked any longer as Transport for Bucks visited on 11th January and believe that they have finally resolved the issue. The problem had presented itself as a blocked road drain on the west side of Valley Road opposite the village hall. This drain was meant to empty itself via a pipe running across the road and into a pipe in the enclosed ditch on the village hall side of the road. CCTV work carried out in 2016 suggested a collapsed pipe.

After the recent work, TFB have stated that the excavation showed that there was no pipe whatsoever linking the pipe from the drain into the ditch and that the pipe from the road drain fell 4-5 metres short of the ditch. This explains why the original jetting operation failed. TFB have now linked the road drain outlet pipe to the ditch pipes, so the whole thing should run freely.

More Drains Work in Valley Road 1st Feb

Transport for Bucks have been spotted in Hughenden Valley again, this time sucking out the blocked road drains on the corner of Valley Road and Coombe Lane outside the village hall. We understand that in fact all of Coombe Lane has now been done as part of the current round of work and that the engineers will return next week to clean out the Valley Road drains.    

Thames Water and Bucks CC Meeting 17 January

On the 17th January the DIG met with Thames Water consultants eight2O and Bucks CC for us to receive an update on the TW Drainage Strategy for Little Marlow and Hughenden Valley. The strategy document initially issued last year deals with responses to sewer flooding, surface water flooding and groundwater flooding to properties.

The meeting heard that work continues to be done on the development and refinement of the plan. This includes:- Survey and data collection from depth monitors, groundwater and river level data to enable better understanding of trigger levels when external water can enter the sewer network.- Sewer Flooding Questionnaires have been collected from properties affected by flooding in the valley and the data entered to the TW Sewer Flooding History Database.- CCTV footage of the sewers has been reviewed and repair work actions passed to TW Ops staff.- Further development work on the hydrological modelling of the valley has taken place.

Future actions include further surveying, monitoring and modelling, which will lead to continued improvement to the strategy.

TW and Bucks CC will arrange a further meeting for May to discuss modelling, where HVDIG has had some concerns. Bucks CC will ask the Atkins consultants involved in the DEFRA project to attend this meeting.